Yosuke Kuribayashi | ABOUT
Minimal & Structural Men's Wear
パタンナー, 京都, modelist, patterner, kyoto,パターン,作成,外注,oem
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” Yosuke Kuribayashi ” is a brand of men’s clothing.



Minimal & Structural as a concept, has launched a modern wardrobe,

which was involved in the pattern work.


Design and Pattern Maker   :   栗林 洋介

1979年生まれ 神奈川県出身


レザーブランド “Obelisk” にてパターンやレザーウェアのハンドワークに関わる

フリーとなり、様々な事を行いながら、2013年11月京都にて “Yosuke Kuribayashi”を発表


2016年より Minimal & Structural のコンセプトを強めたメンズプレタコレクションを展開

Design and Pattern Maker  :   Yosuke Kuribayashi

Born in 1979 ,Kanagawa ,Japan

Vantan Design Institute Design class after graduating, mainly responsible for pattern in the men’s brand

Involved in the hand work of the leather wear and created pattern in the leather brand “Obelisk”

Free and will, while performing a variety of things, announced the “Yosuke Kuribayashi” in Kyoto November 2013

Shirts started as a made-to-order style brand with a focus on

Expand the men’s collection strengthened the concept of Minimal & Structural than 2016

2013.11  Exhibition       “Yosuke Kuribayashi” at Kyoto Bar Venga!!

2014.07  Joint exhibition  “K3-chiaki Kato, Koji okamoto,yosuke Kuribayashi-” at Kyoto Tsukuru-building

2014.11  Event shop       “UN open factory” at Kyoto UN

2015.02  Exhibition         “Yosuke Kuribayashi – 7 shirts room” at Tokyo FLYtheFLAG

2015.05  Event shop        “Kyoto Fashion Maruche” at Kyouto Isetan

Other works




Sales of the original pattern data by apparel CAD system

Also orders for custom pattern with their base pattern

Other,as a free pattern maker, we heard the pattern created in the apparel brand, individuals like.

Yosuke Kuribayashi clothes works

155-0033 東京都世田谷区代田1-17-12-302